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Hey I'm Tobias Hartmann
Frontend developer, web designer and photographer.

After 10 years of web design and frontend coding, I started heavily working with JavaScript, CSS preprocessors and Magento about 4 years ago. Starting as a junior frontend developer at PETER SCHMIDT GROUP Frankfurt, I made my way through smaller design agencies as a technical project lead, frontend concept engineer, designer and developer. As a trained designer and mainly self-learned frontend developer, I really enjoy the powers of both worlds and love to combine them, to make awesome projects. My strengths are solving structural issues with HTML and stylesheets, writing styles, designing/developing user interfaces for apps and shops.

Currently I work as lead frontend developer for e-commerce projects at Sitewards.

I love contributing to open source projects and community work in general, because of the huge amount of power which a community can share.

Talks / public speaking:

I talked on conferences like the MeetMagento Switzerland and the MeetMagento Netherland. Also at several user groups like the MobileDevFFM and the Frontend RheinMain or unconferences like the Mage Unconference.

What else:

Climbing, either bouldering, indoor or rope climbing outside. Besides that, hiking and cycling. And from time to time, I write articles such as the following.

You'll find more in my blog.

Coding Languages



Magento 1, Magento 2, Typo3, Bootstrap, HackCSS, BackboneJS, Hoodie, vuejs, Express, Node


Atom, PHP Storm, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign